We are Blessed to have been able to help/ support so many and are honoured by their high recommendations of us. M&A

Our clients often say things like:

“This feeling of vibrancy and vitality is astonishingly magical. Its a feeling of pure well being. Something I have not felt since my early twenties. Thank you Darlings you changed my life.”



An all round easy life change for my body mind and spirit. The depression lifted, pain is no longer part of my life, and the cancer just vanished.

Working with you for the 8 weeks between scans and having the golf ball sized lumps that were all through my adrenal system, through my whole body, just disappeared, shocking and amazing the oncologists. 

+ All clear, everything gone, FREE of the cancer diagnosis.

Thank you, I LOVE all that you are and all that you do, and I am so very grateful for you.

I LOVE my new life design. I Love my life. I LOVE YOU

Lilly A. T


Oh my GOD, I FEEL so GOOD, everyone, absolutely everyone should see you, your AMAZING.


Thank you Rose  (London)


Pain free and feeling great.

Thank you, you have given me at least another 10 years lease of life 

Ellie NZ


A Football injury in college, knee unrepairable I was told. I was only over to England for a week and only had ONE treatment, and for the first time in years I have no problems with my knee. I am amazed. Thank YOU I will see you again, even though I live in New York.

Thank you Anthony


“I did not think the distant Wellness/healing sessions would work. It really did surprised me. I felt amazing after this too, it took away the new aches that I had become used to in daily life. WOW again and Thank you.

Thank you, your amazing ~ both of you”.

Anthony NY 


30 year back problems, a few treatments. Now I have NO pain, something neither chiropractors nor osteopaths have been able to do in all those years.

Thank YOU Gordon M


SPACE CLEARING ~ Raising the vibrations 

I so appreciate the straight forward, no nonsense approach you have. Your no frills, jingles or fluff approach to it all,was such a blessing.

The energy in our house and workplace is now totally light and peaceful.

Before we found you, all we had been told that there was  angry ghosts and dark energies, that would be to dangerous for the individual to deal with unless we forked out with huge amounts of money. An experience, of many, that frightened my wife even more.

What you did for us is priceless.


Monty Nicolai J 


After one hands on session Peter was breathing 100% normal. No more asthma, nor asthma medicines for his severe asthma diagnosis. He can play and do sports like all the other kids.

Thank you.

T and N Von H

(Case study: Peter was 7 years old on his first visit, he had very bad asthma, He looked grey, pasty and had extremely raspy breath on first arrival. He could not run or play at all. He was on several asthma medicines up to 4 times a day. Which after the first session he never used nor needed again. Originally he had 2 sessions. He is now 21 and on life’s journey studying Medicine. He has been back just for one off top ups, once every 2 or 3+ years, if he felt a little breathless or tight chested during running, football or rugby.           Marianne )



“Wellness Coaching ~ Intuitive Consultation.
Spiritual Self defence – Guidance.

Thank YOU I feel amazing .

After looking for support in all the wrong places, finding you was a blessing.

I was back not just to my normal self in no time, but feel better than ever.
Your honourable and loving help was life altering. Then in showing me so many ways to help myself, it has increased my energy and put me firmly present in my life.

Again Thank you, my self-esteem is up and I feel so good.
It was nice to learn, how to reset the trust in my intuition/ gut sense. You made it clear for me how to stand in my own power, to trust my heart and inner knowing.

I am so glad there are people like you.

I am standing in my own power, and only allowing what I want in my life now”.

In Gratitude L L


Coaching – Intuitive Guidance.

You were spot on,  I don’t know how you could possibly know but you did.

All I can say is Thank You,my life is firmly on track.



Healing Health Touch.

I feel amazing – a wonder – Love it.

Thank you

Aud L


For Solution sessions with Marianne and/or Andreas :

Coaching, consulting, mentoring, scientific & spiritually intuitive advice.

Please feel free to CONTACT us:   heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com

Full consultations Set and Tailor made/Bespoke solutions / programmes available or Courses, groups & seminars. Email, to make an appointment or for more information : heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com

We mainly work online/ skype/FaceTime it is what fits in the best with a worldwide clientèle.
We can also work In person /hands on.

For some of our business clients this can mean taking our courses/seminars to your space and your employees.

We look forward to knowing you and sharing part of the journey to thriving with you.

With Love & Grace
Marianne & Andreas

Email, to make an appointment or for more information : heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com

Be aware that we do have a waiting list, so it is always advisable to enquire early.
We are working on transitioning more into group work, to accommodate more and make easier access to us. Please register your interest with us, and we will let you know about availabilities.


Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate all comments, communication and sharing. Love & Grace Marianne & Andreas

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