We are Maia (Marianne) and Andreas Co-Founders of Heart Cloud

Health activists and mindfulness mentors.  Masters of Ancient Healing Arts

Holistic Nutritional Wellness Coaches.

Do you want to go past the darkness, the inside and outside drama?

Do you want to have good Health, Wealth, Wellness and overflowing happiness instead ?

Are you willing to do your part, to make empowered life-changing choices?

We are ready to empower you and your inherent ability to live in and with your very own Birthright to be Happy,

Leading you to the point, that you can easily see and practice emotional,mental and physical selfcare, keeping you feeling good, because self-care is the better health care.


Hello I’m Maia ~ a Mystic, Writer & Photographer. Holistic Nutritional Mindfulness Health & Wellness Coach, Master of Ancient Healing Arts

With my partner Andreas at

Heart Cloud Consultants TM ..
with Holistically Happy Solutions TM …

we help others to have the HOLISTIC WEALTH of Good HEALTH and Happiness

Whatever people suffer from, including the considered “MYSTERY ILLNESSES”

Having both healed ourselves from such “Mystery Illnesses”, autoimmune disorders and extreme pain.

We have become experts, developed tools and programmes for deep self healing, written books, and now we do our best to help others to make simple and successful long term lifestyle changes ..

Holding space, and supplying the knowledge of how to access the real power of the red shoes .. the power that creates balance and ease in body…mind … heart ..and spirit on their life’s journey down the yellow brick road

Its a bit like I am the wizard and the good witch all rolled into one …
taking Dorothy down the magical yellow brick road of healing from the inside out ..
A journey where anything is possible

and miracles regularly occur

Healing, seeing & sensing has always been part of me, so just comes naturally, as does clearing of old energy debris.

Add herbal lore and information being handed down from my ancestors, I retained and grew the wisdom of natures healing gifts, while expanding into my own healing gifts and abilities.
Add to that several near death experiences and I have as yet, not found a definition that fits, so mystic and eclectic it is.

Marianne / Maia :Natural  Healer from Birth, Sensitive and Empath, Channel of Sources Healing Wisdom and with Angels and Guardians as my best friends when I was little,

Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Nutritionist & Advanced Bowen Practitioner & more, way too much to mention form this life’s journey, to reconnect Soul memories this is in several ways possible. That also included being a certified YOGA Teacher.


With Andreas we have together founded , developed and created Heart Cloud’s & Healing Health Touch & Coaching .

We have both been Sensitive Intuitives, filled with Healing Light and an unexplainable “Knowing” about that inside ourselves since childhood, which started a life long (self-) study to understand and enhance the sensitivities, while being our own Guinea pigs.

We use our own self-developed HEALING HEALTH TOUCH TM which is derived from Thomas Ambrose Bowens Bowen-Technique, Acupressure and other eastern and western ancient healing techniques like Energy-Healing , Reflexology, Medical Chi Kung, Shamanistic Ancient Healing Arts, Reiki and Pranic-Healing methods in a unique & personally developed manner.

Following and Balancing the Meridian- system, energizing and balancing Body Mind Spirit in a holistic way.


Like the Cloud, that is used for Android devices and computers to store information.

We all have a universal field of consciousness which in some traditions is called the True or Higher Self which can be seen like an imaginary Cloud storage. Our True/Higher Self is, unlike our brains/MINDS, not restricted, limited or ruled by any kind of limitations.

There is very little that we can´t do or know, when and while we are in alignment with our True Self, our inner inherent, true nature, which is possible to experience through our energetic heart centre (in some traditions called Heart-Chakra).

The True/Higher Self is constantly connected with Source of All That Is / Love-Light -Energy / GOD/GODDESS or what ever you prefer to call it within your belief-system.

The idea of the name Heart-Cloud Consultants come with our intention to support, coach and empower our clients efforts to get into mental, emotional and physical alignment with their True/Higher Selves again. Literally Help for (Higher) Self-Help.

Our human physical and energetic hearts are very much like the modern “Cloud-storages” for computing and mobile devises:

They store and channel knowledge that comes from a source that sends it out from an other space-time continuum.

Additionally the human heart has much more measurable powerful electromagnetic energies than the brain.
Please feel free to let your hearts and brains do their own research in the internet on this ample, important topic. (for example the “Heart-Math institute”)

(& this is us laughing because we are so very tired after a long Sunday walk in the woods)

There are three aspects in our work:

1.Coaching / Mentoring:we help YOU along to keep the healing flowing.

2. Physical realignment, correctional touch therapy = HEALING HEALTH TOUCH TM  This is a non invasive hands on treatment, where you keep your clothes on, as we can easily work through them.

3. Distant -Healing Health Touch ( Remote-Reiki)/ Ancient Healing Arts !

We have backgrounds also in Nutrition and Ayurvedic practices, Advanced Bowen Therapy, Acupressure, Reflexology, Kundalini Yoga and as a Hatha Yoga Teacher/ Practitioners, utilising Medical CHI Kung as well as Karuna and Usui Reiki Masters, and MEDITATION- Techniques. Because of our friends we are also aware of and experienced with certain Native American Teachings. ( no, we don´t do “plastic shamanism” 😉 )

This is one of many reasons why we can integrate visualisations /visual led meditations/ drum-voyaging, to find a root cause of pain and dis-eases.

As YOU, are always seen as an individual, physical and spiritual being, the work we do together is meant to meet your individual mental, emotional and spiritual core of being and this will be in every session a unique experience.


Namaste  Maia & Andreas  

Contact us :  by Email, to make an appointment or for more information :   heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com


Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate all comments and enjoy communications and participations, and getting to know each other.

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