Business Solutions

Tailored packages for the corporate sector similar to seminars / workshops but condensed  or expanded in areas that would be most beneficial to each business. MAKING BUSINESS to LOVING PLACES, CARING & Expanding as well as more Productive.

Teaching Self help to Feeling GREAT from inside to out. Intensive and Beneficial Stress Management !

Anyone can benefit  greatly from a care package for the soul..

 Any therapists (alternative or medical) & mental health  services ( social workers, psychologists) on their own, or  in businesses who are all doing healing work, can benefit  greatly.  From rebalancing & energetic cleansing in  metal/ spiritual & emotional ways .

Coaching, mentoring for CEO s , Corporations, firms, businesses :

Why should you do that for yourself and/or your business ?

For you, because you want to love your life and your position as a CEO.


– For your workers, employees, because when you have the right people working in the right positions in the right way:

They will operate in much more effectively and more self responsible ways.

They will not want to leave or change their working-places/positions, because they love their work.

They will identify easily with their tasks, your company, the products and the business-philosophy.

You will not be indispensable any-more so that in your absence the whole business is not going downhill. Instead you will rise in your employees estimation and experience deeper respect.

Less control, less sick-leaves, more profit, better reputation, better working atmosphere .

– For your (future or present) customers, because they will like the way you take responsibility for the wellbeing of your employees.

– For the whole world, because when you and your employees really love what they and you do this will effect the whole world in multiple ways.

You can contribute to the necessary change in the world in many effective, responsible and sustainable ways, which means in the long run that even your grandchildren can and will benefit from your works.


Seminars / workshops  on how to cope change and blossom with inner JOY

Contact us :  by Email, to make an  appointment &/or for more information :

Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate all comments and enjoy communications and participations, and getting to know each other.

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