Weight Solutions

Marianne and Andreas have healed themselves from autoimmune diseases, so are aware of the stress that any dis – ease can cause in life.

Weight gain can have solely psychosomatic reasons.

The setting or place where this happens is created by the circumstances of our socialisation, education, upbringing, our believe-system and the social environment that we call in general our “Family”, a place that is supposed to be a save haven.

For me even a super healthy diet, going vegan & raw for 5 years, did not shift any weight.

Neither did a 3 year intensive yoga teacher training course, nor going completely organic, with only beautiful living food.

The armour that came on when my body more than doubled its size, in less than 6 months, many years earlier.

Weight gain is NOT mainly PhysicalFeatured Image -- 702

WHY, because from personal experience, having believed myself extremely allergic, and reacting badly to all from gluten through milk and all man made chemicals in detergents soaps and creams.
However I was never really allergic to any foods, or substances. Those were only the

only the KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAouter signs, to all that was going on on the inside.

My upcoming book will partly be about releasing of core wounds and healing core trust issues, and how we can be too nice, too gentle, how that can be abused by those around us that manipulate for energy /power at all times.

The human dramas of addictions and co-addictions, fuelled by control issues in abusive psychopathic and sociopathic behaviours.

The massive weight gain in such a short time, was simply my body creating  ARMOUR, in a very big way.

The weight was my bodies way of protecting my heart and soul:

I was choosing to be gentle and forgiving for others, let go and give second chances and being very hard on my self not to judge, but to release,.

In all of that I forgot to forgive myself for all the pain that was caused by the bad behaviour of others and that I allowed in my life .

I was raped in early childhood. The family’s reaction was silence, My mother told me that we must not tell anyone about this. She then locked me in the bedroom while herself storming through the house screaming at my father and brother that the child was ruined.

Something that triggered a growing anger and hatred from a my 22 year older brother, who over 40 years of my life was the biggest bully towards me, to the point of threatening to have men come and beat my knees in and destroy me completely, when I stood up for others that he was destroying financially too.

His main anger was, that I was always calm even in his nasty storms, and my knowing, my healing and unconditional love simply scared him, especially when I as little told him about my experiences with Mr Death on no less than 3 “near death” experiences I had before I was 7 years old. ( I have blogged a little on these topics on my blog Heart Cloud Blessings, in the Human Drama to drama free zone category, but there is also more there for those whom wish to have a look.)

The massive armouring form my body was residues from all that stored stress.

I left myself to wide open. I was not using my own energy as I should have at the time, to set clear boundaries. Instead I stayed in abusive, toxic situations.

In the sadness of that, I forgot to forgive myself when I forgave them.

I forgot how important it is to love oneself as unconditionally as we love others.

Allergic reactions to peoples behaviour !

The energy debris from others can be especially troublesome for empathic people. ENERGY BLOCKAGES can take many forms, and our bodies reactions to them can appear as pain, discomfort and illnesses.

I was simply reacting allergic to some peoples behaviour !

Allergies are an overreacting immune-system. When you do not leave toxic situations ,your body might show you in a clear language that you better do.

Until I healed the core, and more importantly removed myself from being target practice for other peoples bad behaviours.

Not even being a 70% raw vegan, juicing made a  difference in my weight.

It was extremely frustrating and disheartening, doing so much work to find out what was wrong with me, even becoming a fully qualified Nutritionist, and a Yoga teacher.

Through none of that did my body let go any of the armour.

I started to realise, that my allergic reactions, the armour was simply because of manipulations for energy and some peoples choices of behaviour the effect of extreme bullying, mental, emotional, verbal and physical abuse.

It took me a very long time to accept, that I had to walk away from all that harmed me. Once I did, my body finally started releasing the armour.

The first half of all the weight, that came on so fast, dropped within 3-4 months of my mothers passing to light.

The rest has been a process of healing the core wounds and the effects they had on my decisions, and choices through life.

It is all in the choices we make everyday, where with our free will, we can change everything. WE HAVE THE POWER! Sometimes we just need a little help & support on the way to finding and holding our own VALUE.

Our bodies are our gardens, and our hearts, and minds are the gardeners.

We have to choose what it is that, what helps us feel joyous, and have good health.

Sometimes though we can not ignore the patches where nothing really grows, we have to delve in deep and dig out the pain, the hurt and sadness, so we can fertilise our gardens anew, and get new beauty growing  and blossoming into new life…

There are times in life, that in the tending of our own inner gardens, we have to allow ourselves to ask for and get a little support.

An experienced gardener who has seen and done it before, can give most useful advice, and help us overcome anything, if we just have the willingness to do the work we have to do to flourish and bloom.

If you want help in the process : This is why we do what we do .. because we have been there ourselves, so it is always a pleasure to help someone heal and watch them fly.

For those who preference to work on their own, my book will be out soon, as an e-book, it will be part autobiographical and part all the knowing and information of the importance of unconditional love and compassion, the importance of living that I received from Source, the Angels and Guardians, including Mr Death, both sides of the veil.

For working on yourself by yourself : Andreas’ book THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY – DNA = Divine Nature Algorithm, could be a very valuable tool, and be most useful for you.

It is easily set out as a guidance to self help, using law of attraction, and the conversely law of attraction which is equaly important, conscious choice making,tools for fear processing, forgiveness, letting go and reclaiming your power, self empowerment, true genuine compassion, giving up toxic beliefs, and much more, and that is available on Amazon worldwide NOW.

To book sessions with Marianne or Andreas : ….

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Healing Health Touch TM Expertise.

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2 ~ On skype distant healing with personalised guided visualisation/shamanic voyage  sessions

3~ Distance healing

We also work through: Seminars, workshops, classes, events, as well as one to one Healing Health Touch TM and / or Hear Cloud Coaching consultations.

Contact us :  by Email, to make an  appointment &/or for more information :  heartcloudconsultants@gmail.com









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