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Food as medicine




Emotional Hygiene and Psychological Health





Lesser known secrets and facts about Reiki and all Healing









Healing Health Touch














For Coaching/ Consultations,  Healing / distant Healing /Guidance or a combination tailored to you, we can work with you over the telephone, skype, in person or by  e-mail if that is your preference.

Privacy and confidentiality are extremely important to us, so we protect all of your information.

*Payments must be made prior to coaching/ consultations on skype, phone or e-mail.

*Payments through PayPal
Contact us  TO SET UP a CONSULTATION  appointment/ Treatment or for more information. Please send us an email to :  So we can find what will suit you the best, and set up a time for Consultation in person  or via SKYPE / phone


Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate all comments and enjoy communications and participations, and getting to know each other.

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