Maia / Marianne

Marianne Teksnes /Maia Blessings  Co-Founder of HEART CLOUD CONSULTANTS TM, and HEALING HEALTH TOUCH TM


Hello I’m Maia ~ Mystic, Writer & Photographer. Holistic Nutritional Mindfulness Health & Wellness Coach, Master of Ancient Healing Arts

With my partner Andreas, here at Heart Cloud Consultants TM ..we use Holistically Happy Solutions TM …

to help others have the HOLISTIC WEALTH of Good HEALTH and Happiness

Whatever people suffer from, including the considered “MYSTERY ILLNESSES”

Having both healed ourselves from such “Mystery Illnesses”, autoimmune disorders and extreme pain. We have become experts, developed tools and programmes for deep self healing, written books, and now we do our best to help others to make simple and successful long term lifestyle changes ..

Holding space, and supplying the knowledge of how to access the real power of the red shoes .. the power that creates balance and ease in body…mind … heart ..and spirit on their life’s journey down the yellow brick road

Its a bit like I am the wizard and the good witch all rolled into one …

taking Dorothy down the magical yellow brick road of healing from the inside out ..

a journey where anything is possible

and miracles regularly occur

~ ~ ~

Healing, seeing & sensing has always been part of me, so just comes naturally, as does clearing of old energy debris no longer of this physical dimension.

Add herbal lore and information being handed down, and however much I ran from mamma’s vile smelling concoctions, I retained and grew the wisdom of natures healing gifts, while expanding into my own healing gifts and abilities.

Add to that several near death experiences and I have as yet, not found a definition that fits, so mystic and eclectic it is.

Energy CHI Healer / Natural Crystal Heart Healer, Sensitive and Empath from birth, Channel of Sources Healing Wisdom and with Angels and Guardians as my best friends when I was little, and I have chosen not to hide any more.

Fully qualified with Diplomas and certified in the following fields of expertise: Nutritionist, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master / Advanced Bowen Practitioner/ Yoga Teacher /Aromatherapist / Flower-Essence-Therapy/Reflexologist / Sports massage Therapist, Meridian Awareness of acupressure & acupuncture/ Muscle-awareness / Energy Awareness, Body Pathways  & more, way too much to mention form this life’s journey.

An early part of the journey included starting out in fashion and Interiors with vintage up cycling, shabby chic, and steam punk, and styling for people and their homes after a Diploma in Design

Since her early childhood Marianne was gathering Heart – knowledge about Life force / healing and grew up as an empathic,intuitive both medial and creative, always a caring human being. She was and is in a most natural way always a personality who is in continuous awareness of her work, and as Present & in Awareness for everyone who wants to heal with Love and Light.

She decided to follow her inner voice of improving and using her given talents / natural abilities. Expanding Studies & training since early childhood. 

As well as the above : Bach & Bush Flower Essences as well as White-light-essences & of cause making her own flower and gem essences.

With all that, and 20 years experience working professionally in the healing field, developing her own Therapy-method .. HEALING HEALTH TOUCH. Individuality tailored for the holistic wholeness of each soul. For all to be able to communicate consciously with their own bodies and heal form within.

HEALING HEALTH TOUCH is partially based on Thomas Ambrose Bowens touch therapy work, as well as Healing, Acupressure, AKASHIC Connections & around 40+ years of Experience in Healing, Holistic Health & Energy Work between Maia & Andreas.


Maia is in the process of  editing her book . Freestyle Punk Yoga, there will come more about that here

Life’s journey, healing the traumas of the core wounds, forgiveness. About diving for oysters realizing you brought up pearls. Having been a Dolphin amongst sharks all through her life, till finally walking away form everything.

Subtitle so far its still I think 😉 ELEMENTAL POWER & “God” Particles ….

Its about a lot of things including twin flame energies, and healing of core trust .. letting go illness and making wellness better in ourselves and on a global scale

The FREEDOM JOY & WELL BEING of being all that we are … and All the information shared with me from 3 near death experiences when I was young, ..the JOY of knowing Angels Guardians and LIGHT BEings of all kinds .. and sharing what they have wanted me to share for a very long time .. Including walking my pappa across the veil just before my 7th birthday … it was my first experience of another soul passing the veil .. I blogged a little about it here

Blogs : Heart Cloud Blessings  and  Maia Blessings 


LIFE is always a Beautiful work in Progress, Life’s JOURNEY an Adventure to unfold.

Namaste ∞ ♥  Maia


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Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate all comments and enjoy communications and participations, and getting to know each other.

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