Health-Activist and Mindfulness-Mentor, Author


Co-Founder of Heart Cloud Consulting & Healing Health Touch. Artist Writer, self-published Author (“THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”) & Photographer.

Consultant, Mentor, Advisor. Spiritual intuitive Coach. Energy CHI & Pranic Healing – worker, Intuitive Empath, Certified Usui Reiki Master.
Kundalini Yoga and Medical-Chi-Kung Advisor.
Diploma in Social Work / Social Education with Rehabilitation and Health , Education and Learning as main area of his official studies.
With his Diploma in Social Education with Rehabilitation and Health , Education and Learning as main area of his studies he made his work-experiences in in Germany and Finland including professional cultural & public youth work and low threshold drug-abuse intervention and prevention with teens & young adults.
Andreas has been an Emotional Empath since early childhood and since then his whole interest was holy focused on Nature and the ecological well being of our planet & humanity.
Studying from an early age Nature and holistic healing methods, like herbs, nature medicines, Native American Indian Tribal knowledge and other cultures.

From the age of 21 he has practised several ways and forms of Meditation, his journey of consciousness starting as being a part of Jiu-Jitsu training.

As he always was in love with the very essence of several religious cultures, he never clung onto any dogma, but saw the likeness and similarities in all of them, for the experience of a more holistic spiritual life journey.


The only way for him to live that, was to be a self-learner / autodidact and free thinker. By practising many years Kundalini Yoga, including Mudras, mantras and meditation, he learnt that the only reliable way of experiencing Truth is by seeing and feeling it with our OWN Heart.

He has worked in many Spiritual Free thinker groups and learned to practice with healing tools and methods of many different kinds, from many different teachers.
Like: The psychology of Homoeopathic remedies, and Intuitive Homoeopathic treatments, Distant Reiki & Pranic Healing methods (using light, colours and aura cleaning), Acupressure and medical CHI Kung, Spiritual Intuitive Coaching, also Intuitive Ayurvedic nutrition/vegetarian cooking with Herbs and spices:
When food is used as medicine it recreates the healthy balance of body mind and spirit.
Shamanic cleansing & clearing rituals. Drum Voyaging and Didgeridoo sound healing (smudging, rattling & more);Dream Yoga / Lucid Dreaming in the meaning of doing Healing work with self and others in the dream dimensions. Psychological Hygiene / “Psychic self defence”.
Andreas has been lucky to be a co-facilitator of Sweat-lodge rituals with his honourable Native American Lakota Sioux friend and Brother of Heart & Soul Thomas Yellowhair.
All this was and is possible he says thanks to the teachers he had in his life. He says a big THANK YOU to ALL of them NAMASTE !!


This is his Blog My Hearts Choices …and THE(HE)ART TO BE HAPPY

where he is sharing some of his extensive knowledge and insights, excerpts of his book and some recipe ideas .. Vegetarian & Ayurvedic cooking & Natural remedies & especially Food as Medicine, Being the change & Living the LOVE

A little more about Andreas. An Empath and Sensitive from childhood, he had several near death experiences, others and his own. His being present in each moment has made for the most extraordinary life-changing moments, like cycling along and a car hitting and crushing his bicycle, yet his connection to source as well as his martial arts training he says, had him lifted/jumping up from sitting on his bicycle, twisting through the air and landing what he terms softly on the cars bonnet , (???🙂 ) while his bike was so badly twisted it was totally destroyed & the driver went into serious shock, so he found himself calming and giving HEALING to the car-driver.

He has, based on all his mind-blowing experiences, written his Book “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY “on the cosmic laws of co-creation and attraction & how to create a life that is reclaiming and reintegrating your Birthright to be Happy.

In Andreas’ words :” Near-death-experiences starting with 7 years caused by a pneumonia and a surgery, but I have been “weird” enough before that already, because my favourite activity was a several hours lasting meditation in the forest with ants and other little creatures, including talks to fairies. Surviving a crash between a car and me on the bicycle, coming out of that unscathed and centred because the car-driver had a shock and I had to calm him. I did not take it personally and several occurrences like this one were turning-points in my life.”

Emigrating from Germany to Finland on a bicycle with just a couple of travelling bags and a rucksack. Living and working there 7 years, including learning the finish language and learning to know people from more than 70 different countries.

Within 9 years he switched 4 times the country, learning 3 foreign languages.

Smoking a 160 years old peace pipe with a descendant of Sitting Bull and co-creating sweat-lodge-ceremonies, he dreamt about that occurrence already 2 years before it happened, which was the most important reason, why he moved to Finland.

Learning auto-didactically to play drums, Didgeridoo, painting, drawing, engraving, decorating, photography, Jiu-Jitsu, Kundalini-Yoga, Medical Chi-Kung, conscious / lucid / dreaming ( dream-yoga), Reiki, vegetarian / Ayurvedic / international / healthy cooking, Acupressure, drum-voyages, many other spiritual techniques and rituals, writing books and most important:

Switching his life from Fear to Love, taking responsibility for his life Being grateful in general, for all that is yet to come and for all the valuable, lessons, gifts, insights, epiphanic realisation, encounters, teachings and healing he has (had) in his life.

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