Ask and you shall recieve .. Healing in Violet rays

It does not matter where we are, if we ask we always receive! Sometimes we think everything has to be perfect, or just so, or we’re not still enough, but no matter where we are Unconditional LOVE is always there. Like early this morning between the shed and the neighboring wall ..


The mind can be in the way, but that’s about it. The Heart is always ready willing and able to connect to source light in every way. The mind creates fearfulness which causes tension, stress and pain. Be Brave let yourself feel the pain, stress and tension, then allow yourself to listen fully to your bodies, to what they really need to let go all discomforts and feel good. Send the pain and discomfort loving thoughts, and tell your body how you truly want to feel.

You don’t have to see the light of source, to know its there, just visualize it and INTEND for it to be there around you, allow it, your heart and your body to be in charge of your healing in every way,

If you need to occupy the mind with its relentless sabotage find something you LOVE to focus on .. a flower, a scent a colour or a word/ mantra ..use what feels good to you, or this picture if it helps. Let your mind wonder around the light rays soaking them up. Just keep coming back to that when ever you need too.

Do this a little very day, once or more times, as much as you want or as little, and you’ll find your body listens to your wise heart and soul, it fills with light and lets itself heal.

If its anxieties and mental issues .. fill your mind with the violet light and keep filling it with light of all colours so there is no space for all the sabotaging thoughts that invade .. and just keep doing that .. every time a thought that takes your energy enters, put the light in..

Its a way to take part of your power back ♡♡♡ The more you do it the better you feel ♡♡♡ & Yip Healing really is that simple ♡♡♡ LOVE LIGHT & Abundant Blessings to ALL
Marianne (Maia)


Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate all comments, communication and sharing. Love & Grace Marianne & Andreas

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