The importance of healthy energetic boundaries and knowing how to defend ourselves

Heart Cloud Blessings

Energy awareness & as more & more are opening their energy .. Flowing .. Feeling … Sensing .. so much more .. it’s extremely important to be Respectful & Completely OWNING our own energy


Forceful incoming energies .. now I can deal easily enough with most things these days .. but I know a lot can’t … as YET.. & invading or force filled energy from another can be both painful & scary .. on this path of opening awareness of Heart & all .. 

A while ago I had a client who felt like .. her words ..that daemons were trying to take her over …. like forceful sex… only there was no one present in the room / house but her. It was very much just the projection of strong male sexual energy .. really not twilight zone scary at all .. just a guy using sexual…

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