A cup of LOVE … Fresh Rose petal tea

A cup of LOVE … Fresh Rose Petal tea … Organic rose petals from the garden ( if possible) in hot water .. and there you go .. the best balancing remedy possible … Makes it easier to ride the roller coaster of changing energies .. as our planet is ascending .. the plants and animals .. if you are watching them in Nature have a much easier time of it .. human & pet’s close to human anxieties have far more ascension wobbelies / slight or deep imbalances in their FEELING GREAT space.


This particular Beauty is a very old very highly scented variety .. She only flowers once .. One big WOW .. n then maybe as little extra blessings a flower here and there for the rest of the summer … & She makes the most Powerful Flower essence I have ever made / used & shared with others

ROSE to me highlights TRUTH .. & what LOVE really IS in TRUE Sharing  ….. the way she gives herself so freely  .. giving insights of Wisdom in her scent and Beauty … yet still keeps her boundaries clear  ..  LOVE Honour & Respect in one Perfect Balance of Creators Loving Grace


Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate all comments, communication and sharing. Love & Grace Marianne & Andreas

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