Essence of blessed Rose with Guardians bringing source lights approval ♡ ❥

Heart Cloud Blessings

Flower essence of the blessed rose ♡ ❥  last week I made a nice big batch of mother essence .. it has a deeply healing vibration .. It’s enhancingly Loving … Lightens & lifts the physical mental & emotional bodies … & clears the aura wonderfully … I’m feeling blessed & honoured that it wished to be made now .. as20140605-211448-76488152.jpg

I haven’t made & sold / received the blessing of energy exchange with the flower essences for many years .. my energy hasn’t been right with caring for an elderly mum with cancer until she passed & my business was no more .. well however much you wish you could be in two places at once .. the heightening vibrations has as yet not made that humanly possible 😉 .. & then somehow trying my best to stay on the outside of family drama all the greed .. lies…

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