LET YOURSELF BLOSSOM … Heart Cloud Wishes :)


 Into GOOD Health & Wellness, with Inner Peace & Expanded Energy of Mind Body & Spirit. Allowing Abundance in all ways.

Heart Cloud Wishes
Heart Cloud Wishes

Every one of us is unique, which is why no consultation or treatment will be exactly the same. We insist on treating every single one of you, as your Beautifully Unique selves.  This because we ourselves have found through life that to many have attempted  to put us in boxes (& this includes the giving of labels, diagnosis,and so on, a varied variety through 40+ years), NON of which we have ever fit into. (a fair few of which left the all high and mighty lets just say that’s supposedly know everything with egg on their faces ..metaphoricallyspeaking of cause 🙂 well like me (Maia). 

I was told in my early 20’s that with my pelvis almost 90degreed out and with eroding discs the only thing that could be done was fusing the vertebrae of the spine but that would leave me permanently in pain and in a wheelchair for the remainder of my life, there was nothing else I was told that could be done. To my suggestions of alternative treatment I was laughed at and told not to waste my money.

I could have given up my own power at this point and like so many just done as I was told, but it never was in my nature not to question everything, to stay in my own power, research, investigate,  & hold responsibility for my own healing, if there was no way find a NEW way. Which IS what I did. EVERYTHING IS CHOICE, how we use that free will, whether to give our power away or to hold it firm, is our choice alone. When we choose to stand firm in our own power. When we choose to be True to ourselves, to find our own way, the universe always gives us signs to follow to that and those that can support our healing our growth & wellbeing.

Well for me it took a fair amount of study, many different trials and errors before being completely pain free BALANCED physically & emotionally, FELING GREAT, Dancing instead of crawling up stairs, so I understand pain. We both do. (Andreas will tell his own story at some time) For now suffice to say we have both seriously discombobulated those in white coats 😉 that classed our healing into GOOD health and FEELING GREAT as impossible, with both exceptionally fast & complete healing.

Over the subsequent 20 years we have just keep proving to ourselves while watching others prove to themselves too, over and over again that nothing is impossible . ALL is POSSIBLE … our bodies ..everyone’s bodies / cells can heal in all ways with the taking charge of our own light, our own power, being the captain of this earth ship / our human bodies, that we have responsibility for.

So one of our biggest JOYS in supporting you, is to see you.. Fully See yourself, Feel yourself & BE in, with & at your Wondrous Full Potential. FEELING GREAT Thriving & living in JOY… using our own unique techniques that have changed our lives and we would be honoured to support you with them.

Always much LOVE & LIGHT Maia ♡ ❥


Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate all comments, communication and sharing. Love & Grace Marianne & Andreas

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